Install Dependent Plugins

Each product will have different dependent plugins. So the images in the tutorial below just are the example, but overall, all the steps will be exactly the same.

Sometimes, after installing and activating the plugins from Cat’s Plugin, you will see it requires one or more plugins.

That’s the independent plugins, which is required to make our plugins works.

If you’re not know how to install them, please follow this instruction.

Once we go into our dashboard, you’ll see that we have a message now the following required plug-in is currently inactive so, we click on begin activating plugin.

It will just take your user through the process of installing it and then activating the plug-in.

After that, the following plug-in is now activated successfully. Like this.

You can see in our plugins you know we have the required plugin is installed successfully on the plugin list.

That’s how you install the dependent plugins within the WordPress plugin that you’re dispersing out into the wild.

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