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CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – Overview

In short, CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker help you in tracking keyword positions in multi-region. I.e tracking keyword “WordPress plugin development” in “google.com” and “google.co.uk”.

The cat who’s writing this post is lazy (well, most of the cat is lazy, right?) so he will call the product by shortening the name, KSRT or rank tracker, depending on his mood. 😛

Let’s see some most significant features that rank tracker plugin include:

  • Multi-regional tracking (see the example I wrote at the beginning of the post)
  • Elegant dashboard design & visualize data with the chart, tables. So moew-dern.
  • Multi website tracking, so you can both track your position and your competitor position.
  • Report & alert
  • Multiple users (used for SEO agency who has SEO agent)
  • S.a.a.S based, so you can monetize with our plugin, at a reasonable price.

KSRT still has some more features, but I think we should go step by step, so it should be ok to follow, yah?

Let’s go.

How to install CP Keyword SEO Tracker?

To install CP Keyword SEO Tracker, you will upload the .zip file that you have downloaded from Codecanyon to your website. Either via dashboard or FTP, if you’re not familiar with uploading/installing the plugin, you can read this post about “How to install WordPress plugin”

After installing and activating the plugin, you will be redirected to the plugin onboarding, like this.

Installed CP Keyword rank tracker

Onboarding will scan your database and suggest the best keywords that it think you might wanna track, along with the process, you will need to activate the plugin in order to use the plugin properly.

Registering the plugin is required, since if not, you won’t be able to use our APIs.

One purchase code = 1 active domain = 300 credit monthly = 30 keyword check/day.

1 check cost 1 credit, so, the formula to calculate the credit cost is (number of keywords * check schedule).

I.e: 1 keyword, check daily => check 30 times/mo => cost 30 credit/mo.

So, if you

How to add the keyword to track?

OK, so let’s say we have done in registering the plugin and activating it, now, we will see how to add a new keyword to track.

First, you need to navigate to Keyword SEO Rank Tracker. You will see the screen like this.

keyword rank tracker

You will have 2 methods to add keywords.

Add keyword manually

To add keyword manually, you will click on button “Add keyword

Notice: for each keyword, you will need to add 3 required field. Please make sure you know/prepare all the information.

  • Keyword to track
  • URL to track
  • Schedule: how often the tracker should check your rank, like, daily 1 times / day.

You can refer to this screenshot for better understanding.

For each check, you will cost credit, totally you will have 300 credit/mo. To see how the credit is used and what’s the best way to use your credit, please check out this guide.

Import keyword by Excel file

To help you move from the other platform to our plugin platform, we provided a method to help you import keyword easily.

So, you must follow the format. You will need to have 4 columns, at least (column name is case sensitive):

  • keyword: each keyword in 1 row
  • tags: tag 1 (info), tag 2 (warning), tag 3 (success), tag 4 (normal)
  • URL: link (position history over time)
  • schedule: how often to check keyword rank.

So, to help you process faster, we have provided the XLSX sample, you can download the file here: kw-seo-tracker-keywords-09-10-2018

With the importing file feature, you also can move the keyword from the old site to the new site, easily!

Add additional URL for keyword tracking

(updating content)

Report & Alert Settings

(updating content)

Rank Tracker Roadmap

In this section, we will list our dedications and what you will get, from time to time!

  • New tracking engine for Bing, Youtube, Amazon.com
  • Campaign system: you will be able to add keywords to the campaign, so you can manage them better (it’s like adding the post to a category).
  • Multi-user system: this will be useful for agencies, so if you’re running the SEO services, and wanna provide the SERP Tracking service, this would be 100% perfect for you! You can run SERP Checker S.a.a.S bases really fast. At the minimal cost & effective like SERPWatcher.com

Surely that’s our dedication! BUT we have the limited human resource, so, we will try to make it ASAP. We just don’t have the exact day of deployment, but guarantee it would be around 1-2 months.

Thank you for your support. If you have any question or idea, please let us know via [email protected]


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