ACF Field Type Differents

ACF for WooCommerce can create up to 26 field types, base on your Advanced Custom Fields version. Below is the list of the supported field for each version:

ACF PRO + ACF for WooCommerce

In this version, all the fields are supported, and the number is 30 field types, the specific field types are listed below:


  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Select
  • True / False


  • File
  • Gallery
  • Image
  • oEmbed
  • Wysiwyg Editor
  • Color Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Google Map
  • Time Picker


  • Clone
  • Flexible Content
  • Repeater
  • Tab


  • Page Link
  • Post Object
  • Relationship
  • Taxonomy

ACF FREE + ACF for WooCommerce

  • Text (type text, API returns text)
  • Text Area (type text, API returns text)
  • Number (type number, API returns integer)
  • Email (type email, API returns text)
  • Password (type password, API returns text)
  • WYSIWYG (a WordPress WYSIWYG editor, api returns html)
  • Image (upload an image, api returns the url)
  • File (upload a file, api returns the url)
  • Select (drop down list of choices, api returns chosen item)
  • Checkbox (tickbox list of choices, api returns array of choices)
  • Radio Buttons ( radio button list of choices, api returns chosen item)
  • True / False (tick box with message, api returns true or false)
  • Page Link (select 1 or more page, post or custom post types, api returns the selected url)
  • Post Object (select 1 or more page, post or custom post types, api returns the selected post objects)
  • Relationship (search, select and order post objects with a tidy interface, api returns the selected post objects)
  • Taxonomy (select taxonomy terms with options to load, display and save, api returns the selected term objects)
  • User (select 1 or more WP users, api returns the selected user objects)
  • Google Maps (interactive map, api returns lat,lng,address data)
  • Date Picker (jquery date picker, options for format, api returns string)
  • Color Picker (WP color swatch picker)
  • Tab (Group fields into tabs)
  • Message (Render custom messages into the fields)
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