Cat’s Plugins – Revived & Better

Dear Customers,

On behalf of Cats Plugins, I want to extend my sincerest apologies for neglecting upgrade features of products and cannot bring the best customer services to you.

We have been faced a serious shortage of human resource and issues with the third party services.

To ensure we have the stronger stability of business, we decided to rebuild everything.

After almost 2 months, now we are delighted to inform that we have improved ourselves and announce some news which we believe will interest you.


First of all, after examining core problems – the issues, we saw that the plugin onboarding is the main problem that we have to solve with high priority.

Since some of our plugins might require the other plugins, but it didn’t show any information or warning, so most of the question from the customer is they do not see the same screen or menu as we have in the documentation and videos tutorial.

So, we made the modifications to the MerlinWP, which only run for the themes, and create a smooth plugin activation process.

From now on, we will integrate this process into our products, you will receive the update information from us- if you’re subscribed!

Customer Support

Due to the lacking of human resource, and we have to train the new member of the team so that he can answer the question like a pro.

Now, we did it, the new supporter is ready to rock, we hope to bring down the reply time to 12h after you create the ticket.

Also, we decided to change the platform of supporting.

By creating the ticket, you can see the ticket detail and the updates on the frontend easily.

Besides, we also added the live chat with a better approach to the sites, so you can ask the pre-sales question at ease.

Update for each plugin

New features for our best selling product are updated. You find no reason to refuse them.

  • Advanced Customs Field For WooCommerce: We fixed image select field type and add pricing option for image select field type
  • Frontend Submit Pro: We improved the workflow and integrate to use WooCommerce as Payment Gateway, work with pay per post and subscription
  • Advanced AJAX Search & Filter: Small bugs and jquery conflict with themes were fixed. We update echo function for translations
  • WordPress Longtail Keywords SEO: You are now able to research your competitor in full and get all the in-depth analysis of your competitor and know how your competitor build their backlink for the longtail keyword

We have put the goal for each plugin, which will have at least 2 updates everything, from now on.

New Product Launch

Last but not least, our new product will be launched in August. It is PRO SEO TOOL, a new WordPress plugin. Your SEO will be easier with it.

The plugin will provide detailed information about CPC, monthly search volume, and competitive rate.

In addition, it also supports Amazon product search, which you can rely on to find the best product for your niche.

We are working harder and harder to update and build better all our products as we promise.

Once again, we highly appreciate your business with us and apologize for failure recently.

Sincerely yours,

Cats Plugins.



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