CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – Overview

In short, CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker help you in tracking keyword positions in multi-region. I.e tracking keyword “WordPress plugin development” in “google.com” and “google.co.uk”.

The cat who’s writing this post is lazy (well, most of the cat is lazy, right?) so he will call the product by shortening the name, KSRT or rank tracker, depending on his mood. 😛

Let’s see some most significant features that rank tracker plugin include:

  • Multi-regional tracking (see the example I wrote at the beginning of the post)
  • Elegant dashboard design & visualize data with the chart, tables. So moew-dern.
  • Multi website tracking, so you can both track your position and your competitor position.
  • Report & alert
  • Multiple users (used for SEO agency who has SEO agent)
  • S.a.a.S based, so you can monetize with our plugin, at a reasonable price.

KSRT still has some more features, but I think we should go step by step, so it should be ok to follow, yah?

Let’s go.

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