How To Create Simple Frontend Post Form with Subscription Feature

Well, as in the previous feature, it was Pay Per Post, and the plugin also supports Subscription.

The name said it all! The subscription will help you sell your service as packages, in each package will have different post limit and feature.

In this section, we will go through the flow of subscription form, from creating the package to set up the form to final demo.

Each step will have its demo video or screenshot for better understanding.

What’s the package

The package or the pricing plan is created to help you sell the service with a recurring payment (monthly, yearly).

Each package will have a different feature, such as:

  • Allowed post types
  • Package price
  • Total post allowed
  • Package expiration date
  • Max post allowed per day/week/month/year
  • Number of Featured Post
  • Number of VIP Post
  • Package features in text

Step 1: How to create the packages

At your admin sidebar, click Packages, then click Add new, you will get a page like this:

You will see the various settings, set it as you want.

Step 2: Enable Subscription in Form Settings

Now, we head back to the real estate frontend form.

At the Payment Type setting, you will select Subscription instead of Pay Per Post.

  • Package: SElect the packages you just created. Only who bought the packages you have chosen can use this form to post.
  • Package style: We have the prebuild 4 styles of the package, select the styles that you want to show on the frontend.

and save it!

Here’s our result:


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