How to use WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO to find questions suggestion with keywords?

You have limited ideas for your article, or you need to understand the customer who is asking questions related to the keyword you are targeting. Understand customer insight through and improve your content with question suggestion from the Google question with WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO

To get question suggestions from Google, follow these steps.


Keyword: Put your keyword here

Location: Select the location according to the needs of the area you are looking for

Get Terms: After completing the above steps, click “GET QUESTIONS”, and wait for a few seconds and enjoy your cup of coffee, the plugin will show questions suggestion for your keyword results with: Search volume, CPC, Competitor. You can filter the search results with: Search volume, CPC or competitor, anpahbet, the number of keywords.

WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO document 9

Get questions suggestion for your content, copy the questions to develop the content of the post.

WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO document 10

After completing the search, you can complete the steps above to search for additional keyword that you want.

It’s easy to get question suggestion from Google that match high search volume and low competition, so your content will improve with more idea.

In addition, you can easily export the data found in formats such as: CSV, Excel, PDF, Print.

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