How to use WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO to research keyword?

There are two ways to use the WordPress Longtail Keyword to research keywords

1 way: Use directly at the WordPress dashboard interface.

2 way: Use WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO at the post interface

Both of them way the same steps to do, so I will guide you to find the keyword with way 2 (At the post interface), because I usually use it more.

First of all, create a new post, then you drag the mouse below you will see Longtail Keyword SEO.

WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO document 02

Here, to find longtail keyword or get a keyword suggestion, go to the “KEYWORD SUGGESTION“.

WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO document 03

Soucre: Select API or Extract Form Content

Keyword: Enter your primary keyword (either short or long keywords).

Location: Select the location according to the needs of the area you are looking for

Get Terms: After completing the above steps, click “GET TERMS”, and wait for a few seconds and enjoy your cup of coffee, the plugin will show the keyword results with: Search volume, CPC, Competitor. You can filter the search results with: Search volume, CPC or competitor, anphabet, the number of keyword.


Choose the right keywords for your content, copy the keywords to develop the content of the post.

After completing the search, you can complete the steps above to search for additional keywords that you want.

It’s easy to get long-term keywords that match high search volume and low competition, so your content will improve.

In addition, you can easily export the data found in formats such as: CSV, Excel, PDF, Print.




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