Prerequisites – Before You Start

Before we installing the plugin, we have to prepare for the materials that the plugin needed to run.

User Frontend Submit PRO is an add-on for Advanced Custom Field plugin, it can run with both ACF Free and PRO.

Prerequisites – Required plugin

So, before you getting started in install the plugin. Please remember to install ACF first.

To make it clearer, let’s make a list of prerequisite stuff:

Optional Plugins

Besides, in this full guide documentation, we have the several videos to help you follow easier.

In the videos, we used some plugins, which if you follow, you need to install to have exactly what we’ve shown.

Here’s the full list:

  • CPT UI: Create the post types without coding.
  • WooCommerce: We take advantage of WooCommerce’s payment gateway to accept money from front end post user’s

That’s it, now let’s install the User Frontend Submit PRO plugin!

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