Simple Pay Per Post Form

To continue with the previous post about creating a simple frontend real estate post form, today we will learn about pay per post feature.

Pay Per Post is the feature that allows you to take money from the poster, who submit the ads to your site.

Because we have created the real estate post form already, we will make use of that form, change from guest post to pay per post feature only.

So, if you didn’t read, please read the mentioned link above first.

Enable Pay Per Post

Still at the edit field group page, you scroll down and notice to these settings:

  • Enable Payment: Switch to On
  • Select currency: Select the currency user will pay by
  • Check out page: The page contain shortcode [acf_fb_checkout]
  • Checkout failed: Any page if you want to show a message to the user when the payment failed, select that page

Now, we will move to next tab, Payment Settings tab

At this tab, we have:

  • PayPal setting: email, sandbox key, production key, mode. See the requirements and how to setup here
  • Stripe Settings: email, sandbox key, sandbox secret, production key, production secret, mode
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway Settings: title, description

If you want to use which payment gateway, enable that one and fill out the information.

Here’s the result, after user click submits, the user will be redirected to the checkout page and make a payment there.


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