The Best New WordPress Tool of Keyword Research and Analytics

We do understand that SEO nowadays is not easier than past. The competition is increased incredibly day by day while Google changes their algorithms frequently.

To execute that well, we’ve had to build a useful tool for WordPress, WordPress PRO S.E.O tool.

At Cats Plugins, our products are the best method to stay firmly at customers’ mind. Therefore, we believe that this tool will interest you as well.

Forming An Idea About WordPress Pro S.E.O Tool

As we understand that “The right words are powerful,” especially in keyword research.

If you use the right keywords, your customers will find you. Otherwise, you are just another nobody who forever clamors for attention but forever ignored.

Keyword Research is about knowing your audience deeply that you understand which words will attract their attention, gain their trust and convince them to follow you.

That’s why we built WordPress Pro S.E.O Tool to help you pick up the valuable keywords rather than wasting time of wrong ones.

What We Experience

Core Methods

First, we looked at what some of our favorite keyword research tools are available. There are a huge of keyword research tools with a lot of information which could make you dizzy to choose the suitable one.

Then, we analyzed the pros and cons of each tool.  We draw a conclusion that we need a tool that works well on WordPress and easy to use with necessary information.

The Framework

We identified our strengths and weaknesses to build a new tool.

In the beginning, we found many difficulties to create a WordPress Pro S.E.O tool. A server, speed, language and so on.

We consider our technique and method. We started again. Now, it has been improving and is willing to launch.

The Result

After trying and testing many times, we saw a big chance and can help you to do keyword research more simple but have enough information you want.

  • It now can provide detailed statics about CPC, monthly search volume and competition rate
  • Real-time SERP rank position checker, return 100 result
  • PA, DA, CF, TF, backlinks and most popular information available for each website

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