User Frontend Submit PRO – Shortcodes

Here are the available shortcodes that you can use in any case for your business.

Each shortcode will have its attribute, and the explanation as well as a note to that one.

Frontend Post Form Shortcodes

Create new post

This shortcode will show the front-end post form with the field group ID you specified.

  • Attribute group_id is required


[cats_form group_id="197"]

Edit post

This shortcode will render the edit form.

  • Attribute group_id is optional
  • Attribute post_id is required
[cats_edit_form group_id="1" post_id="1"]

Your either can use attribute post_id in the shortcode, or on the URL. This will be useful if you create the edit link for each post and redirect to the edit page with post_id param included

Post list

This shortcode will show you the table of posts that created by the current user.

I.e: A customer logged in, and he can see all his posts on the frontend.

  • Attribute post_type is required
  • Attribute post_status is required
  • Attribute show_all_posts_for_roles is optional
[cats_posts post_type="post" post_status="draft,pending,private,publish" show_all_posts_for_roles="administrator"]

If you’re the admin, and you wish to manage all the posts of the user on the frontend, then use show_all_posts_for_roles for administrator role.

You do not need to use attribute show_all_posts_for_roles when showing posts of a specific user

Packages List a.k.a Pricing Table

This shortcode will show you the pricing table with the pricing package you specified. The packages mean the customer will subscribe to your website.

It will be useful in case you want the user to buy the package separately, then posting at another time.

Because if you enable the subscription feature in the form, then you do not need to use this shortcode, as the plugin will show the packages automatically, and force the user to buy packages before allowing the customer to post.

  • Attribute id is required (it’s the ID of the package)
  • Attribute  style is required (from 1 to 4)
  • Attribute column is required (from 1 to 6)
[cats_package id="396,395,394" style="style-1" column="1"]

If you use this shortcode, it will take the payment settings from the global ACF FB setting page. Please set the information there first, before using this shortcode.

Check out page

This shortcode will render the checkout page, with the information of current pay per post or subscription, like pricing, the name of package….etc

This shortcode has no attribute.


You do not need to create the checkout page, as when you activate the plugin for the first time, it will create the page for you automatically.

User’s Shortcodes

User Create Form

Since the plugin allows you to create the user as well, so, you can use this shortcode with the field group ID (of course you have to set the options in the form set to have the ability to create user).

  • Attribute group_id is required
[cats_user_regist group_id="1"]

Edit User Profile

This shortcode will render the form just like the create user form but without the field group attribute.

Example usage:

You just need to create a page, called “Edit Profile”, and then add to your menu bar, so, when the user clicks on that, you will render the edit form. Easy!


User Profile

This shortcode will show you the user profile with the pre-built template.

  • This shortcode has no attribute

User’s Transactions

This shortcode will show you a table with the detailed transactions of the current logged-in user.


User’s packages

This shortcode will show you the packages that the logged-in user purchased, it will have: name of the package, expire date/time, remaining post, renew button.


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