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Advanced AJAX search & filter

Advanced AJAX search & filter for WordPress & WooCommerce, help the customer to save time for search by custom fields, post meta, taxonomies, tags, categories, authors, post types, post dates and more.
  • Deeper & Faster
    Deep search with post types, taxonomy (tags, categories), custom fields and fast search with 30k+ record in 0.7s

  • Live & Auto search
    Auto suggestion base on input and auto-complete with tab key or up/down key. Auto-adapts styling of a result to any Woo-Commerce theme. Smart caching process
  • Search results with Google Map
    Show search results with location & map easily, no coding required. Auto-adapts to your current system; no modification needed.

  • Interactive Map search
    Just drag-drop to a new place on the map to search, without coding, no coding man. Your customer just moves to the new area on the map, and they have new results.


Your multi-purpose search plugin, all in one search form builder
  • Pre-build template for multiple niches
    Pre-build template for multiple niches: blog, news, e-commerce, real estate, food review…more coming soon
  • Pre-build search form elements
    Pre-build search form elements with various design and color scheme
  • Compatible to WordPress and WooCommerce
    1 click switch to WooCommerce template
  • Skin editor
    Edit your results template right on builder


Place google ads in search results, generating the maximum revenue from the ads for your search page
  • Google Adsense code
    By injecting your Google Adsense code right on the resulting feed, you will have the transparent revenue, effortlessly!

  • Campaign Ads
    If you’re running a custom campaign, you can inject your campaign Ads on a specific location of the search form. It’s awesome right

Advanced AJAX Search & Filter - WordPress Search Plugin In Action

W....You Should Use Advanced AJAX Search & Filter

What's Advanced AJAX Search & Filter?
Advanced AJAX Search & Filter is the best WordPress search plugin that helps you build the multiple purpose search & filter form for your WordPress website easily.
Why Advanced AJAX Search & Filter is better?
We solve 3 main problems that other plugin couldn't do, they're: fast & accurate search algorithm without indexing, search form builder by drag-drop, premium templates.
Who should use Advanced AJAX Search & Filter?
Advanced AJAX Search & Filter is designed for any website, no matter niche you're having. From an e-Commerce store to Travel tour website. If you're a freelancer, this website will speed up your project a lot.
How Advanced AJAX Search & Filter Help Us Convert?
We create the features that enable you to improve the user's search process and focus on user experience, which will encourage the user to make the buying decision on the search page.

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Do you want to customize your WordPress search? Do you want to build your WordPress search form? Do you want to search deeper, faster? No need to look up further. Advanced AJAX search & filter is here, he got your back!!
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