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Advanced AJAX search & filter for WordPress & WooCommerce

  • Deeper & Faster

    Deep search with post types, taxonomy (tags, categories), custom fields and fast search with 30k+ record in 0.7s

  • Live & Auto search

    Auto suggestion base on input and auto complete with tab key or up/down key. Auto adapt styling of result to any Woo-Commerce theme. Smart caching process

  • Search results with Google Map

    Show search results with location & map easily, no coding required. Auto adapt to your current system; no modification needed.

  • Interactive Map search

    Just drag – drop to new place on the map to search, without coding, no coding man. Your customer just move to the new area on the map, and they have new results.

Google Keyword Research & Suggestion by Keyword Planner

  • Get Keyword Ideas

    Put your main keyword in and get all potentials long tail keyword out.

  • Keyword Analytics

    Each keyword suggestion will come up with monthly search volume, cost per click, competitor rate.

  • Top 10 Ranking

    Get the top 10 ranking websites that currently rank for your selected keyword. It will tell you if you can compete with them, or not!

  • Monthly Search Volume

    Get the detailed trending search volume for past 12 months for each keyword. Quickly identify your potential keywords.

Google Adsense Integrated and Optimized

  • X4 view ads rate

    Optimize the advertising position, your visitor will immediately see when they approach the site.

  • Auto Change ADS

    When the user switches from tab to tab, then return to the previous tab. They ADS will automatically change. Increase your revenue and RPM

  • Easy Insert ADS

    No need to insert Adsense code manually, we have built 20+ ads position and you just need to put your ad slot to display at the BEST positions.

  • Adsense Safe

    No harmful to your Adsense account while keeping RPM and view ads rate high. Tested over 3 months.

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What's PRO SEO Tool?
WP PRO SEO Tool is an All in one S.E.O research tools that help you accelerate the niche research while keeping the investment costs low and effective.
Who will need PRO SEO Tool?
PRO SEO Tool is designed for 2 types of user, one is the people who want to improve their ranking on Google, like blogger, online marketer, webmaster...And the other one is who want to monetize with our tools.
When You Need To Do Research?
Researching usually taking off before or after you doing any niche site. It will help you gather all the necessary information about your niches and help you give the right decisions.
How PRO SEO Tool help you research?
By giving you the appropriate information about keyword search volume, or telling you who's your competitor, what's their SEO analytics, so you can pick the right niche without wasting time on high competitive niches.

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