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WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker

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⚡ Real-time Data - Better Decisions

CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker break the conventional rank trackers and bring you more benefits besides easy & real-time tracking 📈 📈 📈.
  • Real-time data

    All the data is crawled directly from Google. Forget about proxy, about IP banning, captcha...

  • Unbeatable Tracker

    One-time payment, real-time data, auto daily tracking, multi-website tracking, multi-region check.

  • Sides Benefits
    Impress your client, additional value to your projects, SEO software for your marketing class...

? Multi Website Tracking ?

You might run SEO campaign on different websites, so you will need to track the keywords for multiple websites. Easy! (Or you wanna compare with competitor?...)
  • Allow tracking multiple URL
    Tracking unlimited URL for each keyword, you can track whole campaign performance easier.
  • Track your competitor

    Include your competitor pages in the keyword's settings, we will track your competitor too.

  • Easy Transfer In & Out

    By using the importing file, you can move from the old platform to CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker, or if you want to share the performance results with your client, use Export!

? Auto Notification & Alert ?

Your ranking is secured with notification and alert. Get the updated information regularly via email, never miss any ranking up/down events.
  • Notification by Email

    Receive the top-ranked or out ranked by email to tweak your marketing plan easily. The nice email template is a plus!

  • Alert Threshold

    Receive any information about your favorited keyword or important keywords on your plan.

    No matter up or down, you will get it.

WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker In Action

WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker F.A.Q

What does website ranking tracker mean??
Website ranking is how high your webpage present on searchers screen, usually, higher is better.
Why WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker?
WP SRT let you know how well your site is doing with SEO, specialized in keyword tracker and the key metrics.
Who can use WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker?
WP SRT is designed for the non-tech user, especially for who is doing with online marketing, like SEO teacher, SEO Freelancer, Marketing Agency, Web design company...
How WP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker works?
WP KSRT will send out the bots to collect your ranking information right on Google, with the specific location that you have set. The results are non-personalized and no cookies, to make sure you get 100% organic result!

Why Customer Love
Keyword SEO Rank Tracker?

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Instead of paying monthly for the expensive tracker tools, let's use WordPress Keyword SEO Rank Tracker, one-time payment, no limit, your data, no coding required.
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