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  • Live search & autosuggestion

    Get the instant search result just like Google or Amazon with customizable templates.

  • Autocorrect

    Show "Did you mean" suggestion when the user makes a typo when typing.

  • Fast Search Algorithm

    We built the and applied the innovative search method to return the result faster without indexing and easy to scale up.


With drag - drop powered feature, you can easily create the search form as you want or similar to the popular themes, or just match with your current theme.
  • Easy Drag - Drop Form Builder

    Create the search form at ease by drag-drop and customize the styling of input or search elements.

  • Rich Search Elements

    We have created 20+ search elements, from basic search inputs to slide range or date-time picker.

    All we want is help you create a search form smoothly and save time.

  • Easy Grid System

    By using the builder, you can create the multi-column search form easier and preview it immediately. 


CP Live Search is created with purpose is adapt to any theme, any niche. That's why we built the beautiful search forms that you can use for your site right away!
  • Use Result From Theme or Customized

    For WooCommerce, you can use the search results template from your theme or use our beautiful result theme.

  • Multiple Niches

    We have built 20+ demo form for your shop, we learned from Amazon, Google Shopping...etc to build the best forms.

  • Focus on UX

    Each step or demo we made, we focus on the user's experience to help them search faster, more accurate and engage with them to convert to order.

WordPress Search Plugin that Convert to ???

W....You Should Use CP Live Search

What's CP Live Search?
CP Live Search is the WordPress search plugin that help you build the multiple purpose search & filter form for your WordPress website easily.
Why CP Live Search Better
We solve 3 main problems that other plugin couldn't do, they're: fast & accurate search algorithm without indexing, search form builder by drag-drop, premium templates.
Who should use CP Live Search?
CP Live Search is designed for any website, no matter niche you're having. From an e-Commerce store to Travel tour website. If you're a freelancer, this website will speed up your project a lot.
How CP Live Search Help Us Convert?
We create the features that enable you to improve the user's search process and focus on user experience, which will encourage the user to make the buying decision on the search page.

Why Customer Love
CP Live Search?

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CP Live Search combine AJAX Search & Filter with the Smart Search Algorithm (SSA). The perfect combination will turn query to money.CP Live Search will provide you a strong power of the giant features: Speed, Accuracy, Design, Easy
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