Verify email and phone number to reduce bounce rate in marketing campaigns

Email Verification and Phone Validation

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Business Problems

Are you sure your lead information is 100% accurate? Or they're just bad/junk mailboxes? Fear no more!!!
  • Free trial abuse

    Instead of going for paid plans, you will get multiple accounts from a single user to abuse your services.

  • Free Content

    Giver gain, it's true, but some will provide the fake emails/phones just to receive the download links. That's bad!

  • Fraud Email

    Using fake emails that exist just for 20 minutes, that's bad, too!

  • Junk Data

    Either you're the data broker or going to send the mass email marketing campaigns, bounce rate and the accuracy will effect your business. 

    Stop sending emails to fake address!

  • Spam Bot

    Do you receive the spam emails about offer services? There's a lot of spam software out there, just wait to your site online and send spam mail.

wordpress Verification plugin
wordpress Verification plugin

Modern Solutions

Through the new technology and FREE VERIFICATION, your lead will be more accurate. High quality leads only!
    • Phone Validation

      The customer put their phone in your text box, and they will need to verify the phone number before hit send button!

  • Email Verification

    Every single email in your system will be verified, extremely fast check and verify, high inbox rate!

Benefits Through Features

Through the features, you will find your leads become better day by day. Every corner on your website that take phone/email as lead, we will verify it for you!
  • Contact Form

    Contact Form 7, over 5mil+ business, is using contact form 7 to sending emails/receive leads.

    We created the easiest way to verify no bot or spam emails can go through your inboxes.

  • WooCommerce - eCommerce

    Worry about fake order? Have to confirm every order after receiving order information?

    We integrated the seamless method to check order by having the customer verify order at thank you page.

    Or login on the checkout page.

  • Focus on UX

    Each step or demo we made, we focus on the user's experience to help them search faster, more accurate and engage with them to convert to order.

Smart OTP

WordPress Search Plugin that Convert to ???

W....You Should Use SMART OTP

What's Smart OTP?
Smart OTP is WordPress verification plugin, offers the solutions to verify email and phone number easily, free of charge. That means your lead data will be more accurate with email verification & phone validation methods.
Why Smart OTP Better
We solve 2 main problems that other plugin couldn't do, they're: Confirm accurate, fast information by sms or email. Lead customer data, easily implement marketing campaigns and reduce marketing costs.
Who should use Smart OTP?
Anyone who owns a website also needs to have SMART OTP, because this is the age of big data
How Smart OTP Help Us Convert?
Customers must provide email or phone numbers to WooCommerce Order Verification, register – log in, download files, submit forms and many other activities on your site

Why Customer Love
CP Live Search?

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Send OTP when the user put phone number or email on your website. Automatic, free of charge, one-time payment, prior validation
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