Refund Policy

If you’re reaching this page, properly you’re having tons of issues, or really disappointed with the plugin, right?

The Process

As in most cases, our customer gets in the troubles, but they’re not caused by us. The problem they got, usually like the conflict with CSS, or Cache plugin caused JS error….etc.

So, we have put the official process, that will be applied for all refund request.

  • You will need to contact the support, either via Ticket or Email Support
    • In your report, please include your wp-admin account, the site URL, and tell us clearly what is the problem.
    • The support time zone is GMT+7, working from 8 AM to 5 PM. Monday to Friday. If you submit the ticket on the weekends, then you will need to wait till the next Monday.
    • The expected time for the first reply is within 24 hours, the next replies might vary and depend on the cases.
  • We will take a look at the problems and solve it for you.
    • If we can solve it, then everything will go to its place.
    • If we can't solve it, then you will get the full refund.

Before submitting the support request, please read the documentation and follow the installation steps. That will help you a lot, surely.

The Business Ethics

We really respect your time and truly understand how you’re struggling (in any case) with our plugins.

But we think that between the seller and customer will have the balance point, so, don’t try to break that point.

  • We will list some of the cases that might violate the business ethics and hopefully, you won't do that, too:

    • Your urgent project will not relate to us. Before you, we might have 6-8 people that have submitted the ticket and waiting for support. So, first come, first serve
    • Don't try to use rating as a weapon to threat, to make the pressure on supporting time or getting the refund. It won't work for us.
    • We will try to help you, so, please include the information related to the problem, cooperate with the support agent to get things done faster.
    • Updating...

Thank you for reading this, and hopefully, till this part, you’re somehow feeling better since what we have written above is reasonable.

As usual, we will try to solve your problems, ASAP, you had our words.

Thank you!

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